Merchant Fee Analysis

What are your Merchant Fees?

Receive A No-Obligation Analysis and Save Some Serious Coin!

You Made The Sale...Shouldn't You Keep More Of Your Money?

ThriveWell is partnered with a merchant account broker. 


What they provide is a free statement analysis

to show merchants how much they’re being overcharged by uncovering any hidden fees or rate increases.


Most business owners are quite shocked at how much they’re overpaying. (see merchant statement below)


With just 1 monthly merchant statement, we can have a full analysis performed and in your hands within 24 hours.

Again, there is no obligation.  But wouldn't you like to know where you're being over-charged and what your money saving options are?   

You owe it to yourself to know!

There are only 2 ways to increase your bottom line.

1. Increase Your Revenue

2. Reduce Your Expenses.


ThriveWell can help with both. 

Want To Learn More?

Discover Merchant Alternatives to Save Up To 50% On Fees.

Have Your Statement Analyzed Within

24 Hours.

No Cost - No Downtime - No Changes To Your Bank Account.

No Obligation To Change (save money)

Just Acquire Knowledge Of Cheaper Alternatives.  Decide To Change At Later Date, When Time Is Right. 

Take A Look At This Comparison Analysis

Merchant Analysis
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